>Fathers Day


As well as Ella giving Sam the obligatory “Socks, Jocks and Singlets” for Fathers Day, I wanted to make a special gift for Sam with Ella.
So I thought it would be nice to capture her hand print on canvas, well initially I was thinking hands and feet, fortunately I gave that up as a bad joke and decided to stick to hand prints only. I then thought it would be nice if the card reflected the gift. So I decided on a fold out card with two hand prints and a couple of photo’s of Ella in her creative mode, which includes lying under the table with paint brush in hand.
I padded the back of the canvas out with a hand towel, so that there was not as much give in it. Proceeded to cover her palms (one at a time in paint) and then practiced on card stock before tackling the canvas. Everytime I congratulated Ella on how well she had done, she tried to clap…. yes with her hand covered in paint. Also I probably should point out that this is not the smartest thing to do on a day when you do not have running water. I woke up to a leaking kitchen tap (a fine continual spray of water and a very large puddle of water) that morning, so I was waiting on the plumber to arrive and hence had the water off….. a bucket of swimming pool water and a large number of baby wipes did the trick.
Sam loved the idea and we now also have Ella’s handprints at 18months….

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